Sunday, March 24, 2013

"Why St. Mike's?" A tour reflection

Yesterday I gave a tour to two accepted students and their families. My good friend Shawna is training to be a tour guide so she was shadowing me for the tour. At one point one of the mothers asked us, "I'm sure you both toured and applied to many other schools. So what was it that made St. Mike's it?"

We both laughed and then gave some of the most corny but honest answers we could come up with.
For me, I knew St. Mike's was the school for me after my first tour. It was the summer before my senior year of high school and up until then I had my heart set on a big school in Boston. I wasn't exactly sure of what to look for in college, I just knew that Boston was a great city and this was a great school I was looking at. 
But then I toured St. Mike's and realized I had it all wrong. I wanted a small school, a community, a second home. I wanted professors to know my name. I wanted to live near all my friends and have a place to call my own. The second I stepped foot on this campus I knew that this was what I really wanted all along.
So thank you, mother of accepted student, for having me reflect on why I truly love this school and why it was set so far apart from all the other schools I applied to.

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