Saturday, April 23, 2011

What does a freshman dorm room look like?

Hey guys! I thought I would give you a tour around my room to give you an idea of what the freshman dorms are really like.

I currently live in Joyce 303 with my awesome roommate, Katelyn. First I want to talk about housing forms. One of the many forms you'll fill out as a part of enrolling includes a housing form. You check off if you want to live in GREAT housing, if you'd prefer for girls & guys to be separated by wing or floor, and more. The most important part, I found, are the items about what your interests are and how messy you are, etc. It is best to be fully honest here. Don't say you're an early bird if you sleep until noon on the weekends like I do. Don't say you're clean if you aren't. My roommate and I are such a great match because we were completely honest with this.

You first year you'll most likely be living in a double in either Joyce, Ryan, or Lyons. Each wing has a bathroom and a Resident Assistant living there. Each room comes with 2 beds, 2 desks, 2 closets, 2 dressers, and sometimes 2 nightstands. You can bring a fridge and a microwave. Talk with your roommate before you arrive so that you don't have 2 fridges and no microwave. My roommate and I both brought fridges because we have a ton of food and drinks in our room--we like to snack a lot. Most rooms have carpet but for some reason a few rooms have tile (including ours).

So, here are some pictures from my room. (There are also panoramic pictures for all the dorms that you can look at--just choose a dorm and click on "virtual tour.")
Welcome to Joyce 303!
Katelyn's side of the room 
My side of the room
Our TV and food area--we have a LOT of snacks
Hope this was helpful! Next year I'll be living in Cashman in Ambassador housing so be sure to look out for a post about that in the fall!


  1. Your room looks very organized. Not everyone is lucky though. Maybe that's because some students answered the form dishonestly. The other dormers must love hanging out in your room!

  2. Awesome looking room! I love how there are little bits of one picture in the side of the next one so you can really get a perspective of how the room looks. If that makes any sense. LOL! Anyhoo, awesome dorm room! Love the pics! :D